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doubts that. plus, romney has been making a ton of noise s about how to fix the deficit while still allowing more military spending. no one cared about boeing's upside surprise. the stock can't seem but stop going down. until the election and the fiscal cliff resolve themselves, we could tread water on these issues too. and then this one is the most fascinating, because it's in flux right now. the china test! here the data depends on the day. it's day to day with china. you've got a knife where the data is strong, out of china, it's good. you get weak, it's bad. got strong, cummins goes higher. same with a stock like timkin. remember them? the ohio-based industrial we visited last week which reported a shortfall, but a lot of that shortfall came from steel that's made in china! you get china to turn around, this part of the gauntlet can be breached. but every piece of chinese data is potential to call the whole enterprise into question. call it too, let's say, unresolved for now. however, i am leaning personally, heavily toward the idea that china has put in a bottom and 2013 will b
think that romney is going to have a 50-state sweep if you think coal is going to be good. i got to tell you, romney -- i was joking on "squawk on the street," just joking, that it's mitt peabody rom anymore. like mr. peabody. so you need a romney win in order to make that portfolio work. let's go to robert in florida, please. robert? >> caller: hey, jim. how do you think atk will perform as a result of this upcoming election? >> i happen to think that atk which is a bullet make erwins either way. in the end, i still think there will be an army that needs to train for warfare, and don't forget, they got a huge billion contract. we've been behind that stock for some time. and we're sticking by it. i need to go to josh in wisconsin. josh? >> caller: hey, josh, big boo-yah to ya. >> what's going on? >> my question is about phillips international. they have missed two quarters in a row. is now the time to get in? >> no. i don't want to touch this yet. i felt that quarter wasn't good enough to merit a bottom. i thought -- research director, comanager of action alerts plus, we think the stock
, could get the stock moving. in china. this is really -- this is maybe the most right now. obama/romney stock away from the business and obama's people, made it clear they won't sell the remaining stake in gm. tim massen said the same thing, and the disposal agent. romney's camp indicated they will take gm immediately. they will sell that stock, so that's a pretty by near situation. you will get results from ralph lauren. will they be the next company that we thought was doing well and europe slowed? the stock went down 13 points, but that won't be enough. anything negative at all on the call, ralph lauren trades hard, up and down on very little volume. please be careful. there are huge numbers reporting, companies reporting on thursday, including exon. i think that will be just fine, by the way. i want to hear from little chart industries, the company as an important recommendation, and key to our nation's attempt to harness natural gas. it's a huge cost control for the whole conversion. we'll be on it. kellogg is a trade and there was a time when kellogg was consistent, consistent, co
. no common sense. further one of the more important errors in governor romneys is the price of fast. the only way to do that is to give opec a run for his money. that is another positive. finally, the royal oil related make up part of the s&p. come on, that is crazy. the opposite is true. right? it is silly. the stock market should be going up not done. here is the silver lining to lower oil prices. there is the freak out. we are on day two or three and get a recognition on how positive this is. if oil goes down to $80 we have number that is have come down due to revenue weakness. this is what we see and happen many times before. the good news in the oil decline awaits us. we have to get through the doom and gloom first. >> build your future. >> thank you for what the money translates into in my case a college ithcation for my son. >> thank you for your passion for stocks. >> "mad money" does work. >> you are making me money for college. i love you. >> how many other shows have kids calling in and saying booyah. ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment?
to tell me if mitt romney is going to make an interest rate difference. is warren buffett right? is the economy inching forward? or is the year-end tax hike going to crush it? why didn't we protect our own men on the ground in benghazi? breaking new details show everywhere the white house did not act fast enough. "kudlow report" moments away. >>> going back and
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)